Losing Hair?


If you are losing more than this much hair in a Cowash you need to be seeing me for a consultation and/or hair healing and styling sessions. If you are not cowashing you need to be seeing me. I will guide you in your product choices and make sure your products are free of chemicals that take out hair instead of help you grow it.
Our studio concepts are out of this world! Paper towel only Co-Wash only -the cleanser used if needed is handcrafted black soap as an add-on and naturally suds for those who love to see bubbles.

Quick side note:
Watch out for DMDM Hydantoin -it has a few names and spellings- all no good for your scalp. Visit the Is It Really Toxic page and have more fun using natural products that help instead of hinder.

973-619-2855 for consultations at the Classic, Renaissance and Baroque levels. $75-$300 3 of my standard consults include hair practice to learn techniques for maintenance and styling.


Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body
Holistic Care and Styling for Naturals and Transitioners
Workshops, Trainings, Classes and Demos for stylists and clients at different levels to meet the needs of all of you who wish to be chemical free, socially conscious, Eco-friendly, Sustainable and Fair Trade

Upper Montclair, NJ 07043
By Reservation and Invite
Always check Twitter IG Facebook and Eventbrite for studio happenings which will at times include events open to the public.

Shop the online store http://holistichairhealer.ecrater.com


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