Mystery client Chocolate Cutie Pie

So today as we continue the journey of hair healing and styling its time to share some more stories from the inside.


Everyone is looking for healthy hair and scalp and many naturals do have goals of growing longer stronger hair. From beliefs ingrained that certain textures of hair can only grow but so much. We debunk those myths here and look at the hair and scalp from a holistic perspective.

It’s not just the environment.
It’s not just the products you put on your body.
It’s not just the foods we eat or don’t eat.
It’s not just our DNA/genetic makeup.

It’s all four that effect our whole body mind and spirit connections.

This mystery client is growing hair in several places where before it was challenging and she knows a lot about what to do to increase growth for better health and the look she wants. She has a decision to make about transitioning having been locced since the age of 4. Not an easy decision to make so for now we keep twisting and strengthening.

Mystery client on her natural journey with hair healing:
“My hair and scalp have never looked and felt this clean in my life! I am more than excited to continue this journey.”

She sugar scrubs with Felicidad Hair Sugar in between sessions and also adds Dr. Brown’s Healing Water to her water and juices.

Mystery Client on Dr. Brown’s Healing Water:
“Drinking the healing water has provided me with a more positive perspective on life. My reality has become much more motivating, inspiring, happy and soul-fulfilling.”

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Happy Healthy Hair and Body

Studio PURE by Ahava Felicidad
Upper Montclair, NJ 07043

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You can add your structurally enhanced water to your hair face and body care products to enhance your experience and feel true hydration.



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