Ahava on ACV

So welcome to another post from me! This one is mostly about ACV –
otherwise known as Apple Cider Vinegar. (Read it again. It rhymes.)

I am always being asked my opinion on or recommendations of products. My practice is built on consulting, education and natural care.
Me on ACV— first I love things that smell good. Natural is feeling good, looking good and smelling good. I like drawing in sweetness into the hair and also using mild or sweet ingredients to cleanse hair.

Apple cider vinegar does not fit into those guidelines. I know you have been told & sold on using it to clarify your hair. That’s okay but it smells while it strips and you have to know how to properly deep treat your hair after using it. If you already have dry strands, stripping them is not helping your hair. It’s actually making your job harder.

Now if you know what to do to get it all out and freshen your hair – you can stop reading right here and check out my Instagram page. click here to visit my IG

The scent remains in the hair of many naturals who just couldn’t get it all out. It likes to stay in your hair. Most people around you won’t tell you the honest truth that your hair smells not so fresh.

I’ll always ask you what you did or used last and make recommendations that help you to be the best feeling best looking best smelling you. I love comments that come in like “…my husband loved smelling that lemongrass in hair…” and “…I loved sleeping to the calming scent of the lavender and chamomile…” Or even “…everyone at my job wants to be around me because they say I smell so good it makes them happy.”

I can help you have these experiences. None of which are going to happen with ACV in your hair.

I have never used ACV except to put in my bone broth. You can look that up online for some good healthy stock for your food.

I recommend that you get hydrated -Dr. Brown’s Healing Water – structurally enhanced water for better results in hair from the inside out and topically. Curls pop with better elasticity and absorb product better.

I recommend you sugar scrub -my Felicidad Hair Sugar -for those dead skin cells to come out of your scalp, layer by layer over time because skin cells form daily- this includes your scalp. Moisture is paramount.

I recommend that you use the lightest carrier oils possible because the thicker ones can’t get to your follicles anyway through all those dead skin cells and your hair strands just get weighed down. Yes, heating olive oil temporarily makes the molecules smaller but the oil still may not be able to get through years of skin cell buildup.

Btw ACV does not melt away layers of dead skin cells. It’s more like a stinky astringent best substituted with witch hazel -preferably organic or made from distilled water.

Best to consult with me for your personalized regime and recommendations based on your lifestyle. 973-619-2855




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