How to get a CRISP 2 strand twist out

Welcome to another post – by me


I will start this one out by talking about process and products before you watch my coolest video below.

Process- make sure as a part of your process before you work in your own hair that you take a few moments to get into a relaxed place to be ready for your hands to touch your hair. Hair will hold energy so you want the best energy coming from you to you. The same must be said of anyone who is going to do your hair and they are above your crown. Many naturals go alone at home for more than just financial reasons. Make sure that a part of your process is working with me or someone who consults with you about your hair (and has the spiritual balance, knowledge and wherewithal to do that well). A person who does not truly love natural hair, what they do and natural living is not going to be able to impart that to you so if you want more – chose more. Our hairs are like electrical wires coming from our bodies and they are a direct extension of our central nervous system. It’s a physiological fact that when you are stressed, hairs will stand on end – one because of the heightened emotion and anxiety, two because from the heightened emotion and anxiety/stress your follicles close – thus making the hair extend out and stand out in a stressed way. Add dryness and you have an interesting mix of emotional hair that needs both hydration and loving care.

Products- My hair during the video below was not full of product. I have internally hydrated hair from 4+ years of consistent daily intake of Dr. Brown’s Healing Water (the best water I’ve ever had and I am discerning about my fluids and beverages;). I have externally hydrated and soft defined kinky curly hair from spraying spring water with DBHW and essential oils – especially loving all citrus blends. You should try this too. You can add DBHW to any of your products to bulk and quantify them as hydrating mixes and you will notice results over a few days. If you have been using a product for a month or so and gotten some pretty good results from it, now would be the time to add 4 or more caps of DBHW to your styling cream, leave-in conditioner, mousse or gel and feel the miracles of softness and strengthened strands. My hair was last co-washed (I co-wash only) with Felicidad Hair Sugar – classic unscented yet spiced was also used – as I LOVE to mix and make quick blends for Bathroom Miracles. I do love Andalous Naturals Styling Cream, Curls Curly Q Custard as well as Giovanni Direct Weightless Leave-in Conditioner with a little safflower or sunflower oil as a base (1tsp will do) and in addition to my own gel which I just started batching – Dr. Natural’s Superior Locking Gel.

Now our feature presentation:

Visit the studio during Open Studio Hours –

Wednesdays thru April 8th 2015


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Studio PURE by Ahava Felicidad

260 Bellevue Avenue 2nd floor

Landmark-Bellevue Movie Theatre

Upper Montclair, NJ 07043

During open studio hours you can do things like: enroll as a member, see a client live in session, peruse magazines for hair inspiration, get on a list to be called to reserve for consultations, sessions, speaking engagements, order Felicidad Signature Line items, public, client and member tiered pricing and register for workshops, purchase and order Dr. Brown’s Healing Water, order your Young Living or Simplers Essential oils and extracts and meet other naturals who you may see featured on the blog.


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