The Inside Truth about your Locs

Are your Locs clean? When I first went natural I considered loccing. Only because I thought it would be easier than doing my natural growth hair.

Natural hair is rewarding and healthier than being relaxed or chemically processed. Whether it’s natural growth hair or Locs. Not opinion- definitely fact with relaxers being linked to fibroids, cysts and other dis-eases in the body from chemical exposure over time.

Now with that said I will go on to why you need to cleanse and not just wash your scalp when you have Locs.
The foundation- the foundation of your loc journey is as important as the foundation of your home. There are many ways to start Locs, 2 strands, 3 strands, coils, braids, spring or baby curl extensions and a few more options. You need to consult with a professional in natural care to decide what is best for you if you make the decision to loc.

What goes into your Locs is of extreme importance. It’s still your hair so your Locs need hydration and care-moisture and oils. Petrolatum, petroleum, mineral oil, parrafins, beeswax, jojoba oil & thick butters are not the move. You need balanced nutrients with the twisting to create healthy Locs.
I’ve known people who locced with water and love. I don’t suggest this (the Iove yes – the water no) because it was tap water which we know can have loads of calcium chloride aka salt and be drying for the hair and create a crunchy foundation. If you choose to loc and have the texture that can hold it choose structured water and or distilled for better results.

Locs hold product, materials and whatever is floating around in the environment in ways that are very different from natural growth and many ways that are the same.

Thick water repelling substances in Locs lay in and on them and are extremely hard to get out. It may take 10 cleanses to get out what would only take 5 in natural growth hair because the ingredients are embedded in, twisted in -locced in the hair.
The similarities – many of the same products used in natural growth hair are good for Locs – just not necessary.

All Locs need conditioning only to keep them soft and hydrated. When I say conditioning only I mean no shampoo -at least not the traditional shampoo you may be programmed to believe you need. There are cleansers and there is handcrafted black soap that should be used everytime Locs are cleansed and twisted, braided or styled. The flushing of the loc is critical to the health of the length and strength. This should begin around month 4 or 5 as the loc begins to form-also based on texture density and hair type. Structured water is the only type of water that keeps hair and body hydrated at the cellular level so adding it to your body, skin and hair products will also help keep your Locs full, soft and thick as your hair is supposed to be.

If you have had thick butters and creams, waxes and unnatural ingredients used in your Locs it may be necessary to cut that part out or off.
The spirituality in your Locs –
Are your Locs spiritually healthy?
Yes, Locs carry energy. Your energy and the energy of the person or persons who have twisted them for you.
What was that energy like? Did you do most of your twisting yourself? If so, were there times you weren’t feeling your best and you locced the
energy of sadness, anger, discontentment, fear or other not so positive virtues or emotions into your Locs. Did you even know it was possible to do that? Well it is.

Locs are spiritual. Those same hairs that are considered to be our personal electrical wires are all twisted up together and kept on our head. Not many hairs are released out into the world or washed down the drain. They remain with the locced wearer for years.

All said and done, your Locs need to be cleansed regularly, deep treated and sometimes even pruned for you to be well groomed. Aromatherapy scenting our Locs as well with essentials like lavender, cinnamon, lemongrass and grapefruit – any you choose will enhance your hair experience and heal your Locs inside out.
You Locs could look like this on the inside and you certainly do not want that.


Check back often for more pics on loc journeys, loc transitions and big chops.
Thank you for being here and stay connected.
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