Micro braids and hair loss

If you are paying $125 or less for microbraids you need to be careful because in 2-5 years you will be calling me to reverse your hair loss. Use one of our hashtags like #consultwithAhava #hairhealwithAhava to see more of what Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body has to offer you as an exclusive client, member or natural out and about.
If you don’t know what microbraids are take a moment to type it in and look at some pics. Crochet or tree braids may be a better option. I say may be because a consult is best to find out what will work for you- your hair texture density length and type- lifestyle – how much time do you have or are you willing to make to maintain certain styles. I know what to ask and you know exactly how to answer so we can best serve you on the natural journey.

IG Ahavafelicidad Subscribe to the blog so you see the posts first and by means follow on YouTube because my candid videos rock and soul

Happy Healthy Hair and Body
Private by reservation and invite studio store
Now located in Montclair, NJ

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For classes that are customized to meet your needs call and also visit our YouTube for my treebraiding technique workshop for stylists and crochet for stylists – learn my innovative techniques that you will not find anywhere else in the #hairuniverse #bowtieclosure #ahavafelicidadtechnique

And remember that any hashtag you see me use and post will lead you to many Ahava Felicidad specific topics

Last but not least because I’ve always got something brewing
Save the Date – February 5th 2015 for Montclair Art Museum Free First Thursdays where I will be presenting for African American History Month! Faculty since 2008…can’t wait! #thankfulthinkingthursday


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