Letting Go Again

It’s Fancy Free Friday and LaNa has let go of another 2 inches!

Her 7 yr old daughter asked her “Mommy, are you cutting your hair again? If you keep doing that you’re going to be bald.”
We laughed about that because she still has to learn what it means to transition. So we just talked about her having that conversation with her daughter to explain this new journey.

In this we see that when you have children and you are locced their energy is also infused in those tresses. They are also used to seeing you in a certain way and something that seems simple like a cut can make you unfamiliar in a way. Something is missed but now there is room for the new.

7 yr old Jesana made jokes about the loc cut – she is a comedian in her own right. See this because it had me LOL….


Here she is with 5 of the cut Locs that she took out of the “brown bag it” bag that loc clients often leave holding.

Here is LaNa with more of her 23 year story released. If you see her out and about in NJ give a big smile.



Last but not least, the baby who is three and seemed to be a little sad at the first release because she used to hold & tug those locs on a regular basis for comfort and fun.
Here she is being her cutest self:



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