Chelsea’s Natural Journey – 3 Strand Twists #1

Chelsea is transitioning to natural but you may not be able to tell because the texturizer she has loosened her curl just enough to allow for ease in styling. Now on the natural journey with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body – with 50% natural new growth and 50% relaxed ends Chelsea is exploring twist out and braid out styling to grow her hair and get more elongation.

3 strand twists are twists for sure – not braids under another name. The third strand in the twist gives more lift and definition – more curl – not the loose wave of a 2 strand. I’ve been creating and designing 3 strands since 2007 and many of my natural clients have textures that respond well to the twist out pattern of this windmill-like technique.

I teach this technique and do this technique. Ask me more about it in a seminar, consultation, workshop or at the weekly meetup in Montclair, New Jersey. Call for more info. and to reserve at 973-619-2855

Check back often and send in those comments so we know you’re watching…

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