Karen’s First Crochet Updo 

So many of you know that my posts are inspired when I blog. I am often inspired since my work includes inspiration, motivation and empowerment of others through education and care in a natural and holistic way.

I have a lot of fun in my work and there is also seriousness in what I do and what is expected of any team member working in your crown. We are the home of, connection for and bridge for #naturalswhowantmore – and yes I write to you like I am speaking to you and love a relevant hashtag. It’s the communications major in me!

Now for our feature presentation- Karen decided with my support to get an Updo with hair added on this particular session of many.  I’m including this on our main blog because she is a natural growth hair client taking the leap of faith into the extensions realm for the first time.

For more on just extensions visit our other growing blog http://eclecticextensions.wordpress.com


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