Locs Transitions 1

So you think you want to transition out of your Locs? There are options for you just like those inner reflecting naturals waiting to burst out of the relaxer/texturizing/keratin treatments. Your options will have everything to do with your hair texture, density, length and type and as equally important your lifestyle. 

Your hair journey is about the whole you. All the parts of the puzzle that lead you to your decisions on who to style with, what ways to style, where to style, when to style and why to style. That sentence courtesy of the educator in me.  

Back to the basics. If you are ready to grow out your Locs you can do things like deep treatment monthly or more often, 2 strand twist, 3 strand twist, in some cases cornrow, in some cases 2 strand flat or even 3 strand flat. These options based too on the number of Locs and how they are laid out on your fabulous head to have a nice look that you will be happy with. 

Maybe you are just not ready to part with your length. I will give you the gentle honest truth about the journey to transition and we here at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body will walk the journey with you. 

I have so much more to say but the editor in me is telling me to go ahead and post a pic for you to see. Come back and read more later. Subscribe – Follow on Twitter @ahavafelicidad – check Instagram monthly for what you missed – follow on YouTube – Ahava Felicidad The Holistic Hair Healer… 

This just in from Peggie’s transition – just cut 2 more inches last week- transitioning with 2 strands and braids – next will be an updo- then a custom loc extension square. 



201-921-9894 Studio, Team Naturiotic and Felicidad Signature Line


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