Princess Miriam 

Happy hydrated heads with kinks coils curls wavy and swavy. 

When your girls come to Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body they learn so much about themselves through their hair and its care. 

Whether it’s reserved sessions or hair studios and programs for teens we’ve got something for everyone on the journey. 


Just a peek inside a session of #classicdeep & style 

Mixing her own styling cream – Andalou Naturals with Poland Spring a and Dr. Brown’s Healing Water. 

Shake until just right – she tested her own – and I helped – then it’s ready to work through her hair. 

Our results: happy 2 strand flat twists with mini buns inspired by a picture she searched for herself online. 

Come #hairheal #steadilyexpand be #fancyfree and #shockinglysweet with us 

Happy Healthy Hair and Body 





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