Transitioning in Corporate America is…

a topic that comes up often when clients who are relaxed want to go natural. Here is a style that can be worked from the board room to the racquetball courts to the market with ease, easy maintenance and healthy scalp – all while the relaxer grows out!

The term relaxer used to reflect chemical straightening of natural growth hair instead of the word perm which makes straight natural hair curly.


Thank you for your support of the chemical free natural movement for the kinky, curly, wavy and straight #naturalswhowantmore know that we are the last stop on the journey for answers to all of your pressing questions. Evolving, enlightening, empowering, everlasting – Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body

Call for consults, workshops, seminars (where myths are debunked and more) 973-619-2855 or 201-921-9894 for your non-traditional extension and weaving services.

Happy Healthy Hair and Body




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