Do you blow out hair?

I love this question because it’s all about how your hair is when you come in for a consult. Many of you are contacting us for options in wearing your hair in its most natural state with a goal of having softer more manageable hair, no more breakage, and thickening the entirely too thin areas that worry you. 

So – yes – your hair will be assessed and there is a great likelihood you wil need several deep treatments – Classic Deep – to strengthen your strands to withstand a blowout. 

Now keep in mind – the blowout is one step and ceramic pressing is another- this in an additional step in furthering the straightening process which for some can be damaging over time.  Everyone’s hair is different so in a consult we cover your options and talk about bounce back. 

This was an easy light blowout and twist which will give this client a totally different look than if she had her wet & moist classic 2 strand individuals. 

High density- high porosity- kinky curly hair – beautiful! 

Just a peek — so check back for more on her journey —  


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