August’s Natural Journey 2

Hair healing sessions are what you need them to be 

August needed his to be peaceful & easy


There were some laugh and a few small ‘ow wees’ bc those curls were immersed in conversations…

We cut at least 3 inches in a special session just for him & all was well in the Universe of Hair.

Simplers Botanicals Moroccan Blue Chamomile organic essential oil used in session in the spray bottle for calming and grounding for everyone.

Sweetness brought in to top off the ending by Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Butter – a new Ahava Approved and Assured product -hair helper -Team Naturiotic member Curly Empress picked this one – I approve & assure!

Consults are the first step in joining us at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body for #naturalswhowantmore 

We start your natural kids at age 8 in the hair healing chair and offer you classes & workshops by request to meet your care & styling needs until then. 

It’s the most comprehensive hair care & styling experience in the universe! 

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Happy Healthy Hair and Body



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