Maura’s Natural Hair Journey 

It’s Musical Mommy Monday and I’m excited to share with all you #naturalswhowantmore ! (use this hashtag to see more posts from us at AFHB) 


 Maura loving her look- ease for activities and manageable for the everyday – on the journey since age 5 

Always a pleasure -moms and daughter love blossoms when #hairhealingstyling makes happy healthy hair and body.  

Abbie will be growing into the hairhealingstling chair next – a few years and we have lift off! 

Here’s what mom had to say:

“Thanks so much for your help with Maura’s hair. It looks beautiful and she is so proud of it. I really need the help and guidance now that she wants to wear it long. I also did the co-wash with the sugar scrub on Abbie’s hair and I was able to easily detangle and flat twist. And she smelled so good! I love the sugar scrub.”

Julie B. of West Orange NJ USA 

It’s not always about the intricate styling here (even though we love to do that too). For many families the co-wash and knowing what products works best in the hair are the most important experiences. Easy in and easy out- functional yet stylish for the everyday and various activities. Sometimes just having a classic cornrow style is the answer to easier maintenance while looking good, feeling good and smelling good from our array of natural styling options. 

Reach out to us at 973-619-2855 or 201-921-9894 to receive a brochure, attend an upcoming event or meetup/forum or create your own group experience from our selection of workshops and seminars. You’ll be so hair happy you’ll wonder how you ever did without us.

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