Mommy & Me – Could it be…

Sharing on this #musicalmommymonday (because it’s not over yet!) from a recent Mommy & Me 2 strand flat twisting workshop… Held on a #shockinglysweetsunday… 

More Sundays coming September & October – spaces filling so call to become a client or visit our Eventbrite page as much as you like. Buy and try! 


Thank you to Jamillah! And special thanks to Kaira for a great team-tude- harmony in action getting hair done while watching Dr. Seuss videos. 

Thank you to Curly Empress who was on site to assist! 

Call or email for brochures on Haircare and styling – consultations -workshop requests and more… 

That more including our Be Naturally You Hair programs for teens with summer hair studios running August 18, 19 & 20. Fun hands in experiences, consult included, regime assistance and sharing the haircare. Only $250 for the program – financial assistance and scholarships available by request. 

Call us at 973-619-2855 or 201-921-9894 

Or be #shockingsweet enough to leave a message for Stephanie – Team Naturiotic Management at 862-213-5070


Follow on Twitter @ahavafelicidad 

Instagram @ahavafelicidad


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