Natural Men of AFHB (Collage #275)

Every time I talk to a natural woman – the natural man with or near her wants to know “…what can you do for me?…” Followed by a laugh and a pat on a bald head or pointing at the masses of kinks, curls or waves that they have chosen as their signature look. 

Hey guys-YES! I’ve got something for you too – Felicidad Hair Sugar is for everyone – Dr. Brown’s Healing Water is for everyone- the natural products I recommend are for everyone and based on your hair texture density length & type plus lifestyle. You get to have it all! 

Well body grooming is essential for us all to look good, feel good and smell good- 


Jose’s curls are massive! You’ll have to subscribe and check back for some before pics or tweet @ahavafelicidad to see more #hairhealingstyling experiences. Individual braids featured on him in this look that’s easy for maintenance and produces a good looking braid out. Spray or spritz the night before takeout or 5-6 hours before take out for best results. 

Soon to offer you a new tincture for growing hair and by Team Naturiotic request ‘Fancy Free Face Butter’ full of natural goodness. 

Call in today to reserve your session in advance 973-619-2855 or 201-921-9894  prepare to be enlightened, enhanced and electrifying (if you like) or you can choose your own E words 😉

Being magically natural me with a weave and Team Naturiotic Stephanie who is cheering for the face butter –  


Look out for an upcoming blog post from a recent workshop where Team Naturiotic Stephanie ran all the video and shined her brightest light. 

Happy Healthy Hair and Body 





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