3 textures? #455

Its Wonderful Wednesday with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body and You! 

Wondering what to do with 3 textures on your fabulous Fancy Free head? 

Deep treatments, #classicdeepwithAhava, structured water #drbrownswater, sugar scrubbing with #felicidadhairsugar (any blend you like!) and a truly natural conditioner #consultwithAhava  will all bring your natural kinks coils waves and straight flowing tresses into balance so you have more defined hair, less or no tangles at all and just easier to manage hair. 

Check out Nora’s kinky curly swirls and curls – wavy first 1/3 curly kinky second 1/3 and wavy kinky third 1/3 

For translation – Call to reserve or come by the weekly meetup/open forum in Montclair, NJ USA details on the Get Hydrated page 


After the Classic Deep I created a simplistic 2 strand flat wrapped from the front to the left and right with a rosette closure on the right side above Nora’s ear for a classic look and ease in her styling through the week.

#AhavainChina by 2017 

Who else is coming? Join Team Naturiotic 201-921-9894



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