The Black Soap Cleanse

Ahava here! Cleansing the hair and scalp is paramount for removing buildup. This black soap cleanse is especially for those who have used product (even natural products) back to back or for several days and need to clarify while moisturizing.

Even some natural products can buildup in the hair by virtue of the viscosity (thickness) and quality, like the difference between almond oil on hair and olive oil. One coats, the other absorbs and can also defrizz for a short time period.

An example of buildup would be using a styling cream that requires your hair to be wet when it is applied or worked through and you use it every other day for a week. By the time you’ve added it for the third time, it needs to be cleansed and you should start over with a fresh canvas (clean hair). Examples of good natural products that may buildup in kinky or kinky curly hair over one week are Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Cream, Andalou Styling Cream and Shea Moisture’s Curl and Style Milk. All products I LOVE! Using this method of cleansing after a week of use will also help you to balance out the amount of product you use so those on a budget – SMILE! They can all be used for styling – consult with me on use since right now we’re talking about kinky and kinky curly hair specifically- but should be completely co-washed or black soap cleansed out to start with a new style after a week of use.

Remember there are particles in the environment that lay in hair and into the scalp that you cannot readily see. Things like dust particles, pollen, smoke residue and paint debris all can get into hair and then the product grabs on to them.

You can order Handcrafted Black Soap in client sessions, during open ordering at the Dr. Brown’s Healing Water meetup and soon on my online public webstore. Ask about Felicidad Hair Sugar – Coconut Lemon Cake, Bonheur Felicidad, Osaze and Decadence Indulgence which are batched fresh weekly in my hometown Montclair, NJ.

Blessings Light and Love
Seeing clients by appt in Upper Montclair, NJ
All natural organic, spiritual-cultural-educational physical- comprehensive consultations, hair and scalp care plus styling for naturals and those who wish to be free of chemical processing for whole body health.


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