Mercedez Natural Hair Journey with AFHB #1

We love it when you get a set and then send twist out pics and angles of how you were able to rock your natural!

Mercedez shared with us and now YOU- of her before and after Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body experience.  We know you will enjoy it and thank you for your love and support on the #hairhealingstyling journeys….

This is Mercedes happy as can be at the Dr. Brown's Healing Water meetup-

This is Mercedes happy as can be at the Dr. Brown’s Healing Water meetup-Free Mini Consulting every Thursday 6-8pm with Open Forum 8-10pm

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In her own words:

Pic #1 – It is a 2 strand twist out on stretched hair. The twist out is defined but the ends, and shape is a bit ragged.

Pic#2 – 2 days after my session. My 2 strand twist out is tight and very well defined with nice luster and a clean, neat, shape.

Pic#3 –  1 week and 2 days after my session. Hair is in a high puff, and my hair is still tightly curled and defined.

Here is what Mercedez had to say: 

“I enjoyed my session a lot. My absolute favorite part was the trim. My shape is much better, and I maintained my length. Exactly what I was looking for and what a trim should be. My hair was soft and moisturized for over a full week after my session, which is in keeping with my regimen, as I try not to manipulate my hair too much during a week. My experience at Ahava Felicidad’s was great, and I’d recommend her, and her practitioners, for your natural hair needs. Shout out to Curly Empress for my bomb twist out!”

Thank you Mercedez for sharing your experience with us at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body for #naturalswhowantmore –

I’d would like to point out that many naturals come to see me and have sensitive concerns and have had somewhat traumatic experiences with hair cutting. Like I tell all of my clients and friends – I am happy – not scissor happy to want to give you an edgy or couture cut that you did not ask for – we are lifestyle styling and will even get out the tape measure or index finger to assure you that a trim is a trim. We always discuss what will be done because as you know- once you cut – you can’t go back (you can get extensions though) or just massage for it to grow grow grow back. We have hair growing serum, hair growing sugar and natural processes to help you move things faster along the way.


Happy Healthy Hair and Body


Reach Team Naturiotic Stephanie at 862-213-5070 for more information on attending a meetup, forming your own custom class or workshop, Felicidad Hair Sugar purchasing, Radiant Ormus Hair Serum and Black Soap Cleanser – LOVE THEM! and more from our signature line and amazingly enough – recommendations for other people’s products- many of which we can get for you on special order and through our Natural Product Buying Club.

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