Ahava on ACV -The Newest UPdate

Hope you enjoyed this updated Ahava on ACV video because I have written about it before but I keep getting questions on it- just keeping you fresh and clean and in the loop…

Upper Montclair, NJ and beyond



http://www.twitter.com/ahavafelicidad for those who like to tweet tweet tweet #sweet

http://www.instagram.com/ahavafelicidad for those who love to grab a gram of info and short clips- promising to bring you more on this social media outlet – as much as we possibly can around Client Exclusives – Become a client… workshops and trainings- Have your own…Working out- Get on that bike!…Mothering- the biggest job in the whole wide world or #hairuniverse…Playing my cello-I will play forever to keep myself inspired….mixing and making – #jointheteam…Sleeping-Yes, for those of you who ask me “…do you sleep?” I get my zzz’s appropriately however am known to push the envelope

In Pure Bliss- Thank you for connecting and keep the flow #classicdeep


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