Introducing Team Naturiotic Stephanie!

I want to start off this Steadily Expanding Saturday with a great big THANK YOU! to Team Naturiotic Stephanie.

We’ve had so many #wonderful interns on our team and are truly grateful for the exchange, lessons taught and lessons learned, experiences that promote growth on all levels for everyone connected.

I will continue by saying that Stephanie did more than promote herself as #terrific through words- she showed and proved and continues to do so. This young lady is a shining example of a blossoming business woman who takes the time to listen, analyzes and interprets, asks questions immediately about things she may not fully understand or needs to know more about to get the job done. She delivers ahead of deadline and works extremely well with others. I am happy to have her on the team.

Now it’s her turn to share with you:


I am “The Go-Getter Stephanie O”. – blessed, future-oriented, laid back, multi-tasker business woman.  I am a management intern and apart of #TeamNaturiotic! My internship includes but is not limited to connecting with current and potential clients, vending at workshops and events selling and promoting Felicidad Signature Line products and services. I met Ahava Felicidad at Montclair State University through HSA (Haitian Student Association) Natural Hair Workshop that she presented in the spring of 2015. It’s continuing to be a knowledgeable and fun experience being on the team.

Here’s a bit about my natural hair journey:

I went back to being natural in the fall of 2012 as my freshman year of college of began. My hair journey has been remarkable because over the years I have experienced various natural hairstyles.  I gradually let my hair grow out and trimmed it every few months until I marked a year being natural. In October of 2013, I went to the salon and the rest of my relaxed hair was cut off.  Then I styled my hair in a French twist updo with curls to the side.

I like to experiment with my hair by trying different styles and colors I haven’t done before. I feel like I have A LOT of hair which sometimes is difficult to maintain in the summer so I do a lot of protective styling. I like to wear my hair out in the winter season with it straightened or in twists. There are only certain times throughout the year I rock my hair in its most natural state. I am able to do two strand twists, Bantu knots, or cornrows in my hair at night and take it out in the morning to wear. As I continue this journey I’m starting to learn more ways that I can wear my hair.

Now Stephanie’s hair journey…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Just beautiful.

Happy Healthy Hair and Body


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