Meet Mayisha- an International Faith Ministries WINNER

Mayisha won a Classic Deep Flow and Glow from one of our presentations at International Faith Ministries. Team Naturiotic Stephanie organized the event and some former Team Naturiotic members also attended for support.

Mayisha came in telling me that her hair always feels dirty. I hear this from many naturals who are not co-washing enough, not co-washing enough with the right products and also loading down their scalp and hair with oils that are too thick for their texture. So using pure coconut oil is a great example. Yes, coconut is excellent for your health and skin and hair- in the right amounts, in certain textures and environments or seasons/weather climates.

Here is Mayisha after her Felicidad Experience:


The coconut oil she was using daily was attracting more buildup. Coconut goes solid at temperatures something like cooler than room temperature. Because it functions like a butter and an oil it would be better to warm it up before using it (not always best on timing and may be too oily unless you are doing a deep at night). I would suggest and do always suggest that my clients and you – go for the lighter oils for a while and make sure to Felicidad Hair Sugar to get up the dead skin cells that the thicker oils cannot penetrate through to begin with. I liken this often to having your foot on a flower bed.

Look down at your feet- Imagine how many layers of skin, flesh, cartilage, bone, everything are in there and what it would take to get through to the ground. Lifting up those layers gently is what the hair sugar experience is like. Once you move so many of the blockages out of the way, you will get more growth- not to mention massaging stimulates hair growth by promoting circulation that would not otherwise be happening without your actions.

Sharing what Mayisha had to say about her session:

“I enjoyed my experience. It’s really making me consider transitioning to natural again. I feel like my hair is the cleanest it’s ever been and I’m going to get the sugar!”

She also left with Radiant Ormus Hair Serum so if she does make that Leap of Faith again to natural – she will have a detoxed scalp and be growing more of her natural growth hair and cleansing out from the chemical effects of the relaxer.

Happy Healthy Hair and Body


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