Decadence Indulgence -554

Felicidad Hair Sugar exfoliates dead skin cells from your scalp, draws in moisture but gets the buildup out! 

Decadence Indulgence is one of our five signature hair sugar custom blends. 

Naturally antibacterial sugar is great for cleansing the scalp and with the added hair growing ingredients of my blends you are bound to get results from your roots to your ends. 

You should massage daily with your fingertips and if you are a cowash & go natural feel free to Felicidad Hair Sugar every time you cowash and don’t forget your DBHW (Dr Brown’s Healing Water- for hydration, clearing eczema & more)

Call for your comprehensive or easy consult -from the Classical to the Renaissance to the Baroque – we have something for everyone 201-921-9894 or 973-619-2855 

Visit and buy on 

Happy Healthy Hair and Body




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