Coconut Lemon Cake The Gel #366 

I not only recommend natural products, I mix & make and blend. At Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body there is something for everyone on the natural journey. 

Coconut Lemon Cake has evolved and expanded to include black soap cleanser, fully enhanced scalp and hair oil with organic essentials (can be used on the body), gel & clients can request it for layering as a body butter.

 Coconut Lemon Cake The Gel:   
  Client Exclusive $50 32oz; $15 8oz

Felicidad Hair Sugar Specialist -call to ask or refer to your training package

Not yet available to the public unless we are at an event near you with sample sizes. Happy to offer in the near future though!

Join Team Naturiotic as a Felicidad Hair Sugar Chef or Natural Hairbraider (for local and other travel) 201-921-9894 for more info about joining the team no matter what state you are in. 
Thank you for connecting!

Happy Healthy Hair and Body 



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