Definition #777

Define Define Define 


Some clients have that kinky soft hair that just doesn’t hold much definition. How we help you achieve this is through subtle intuitive mix and making with base natural products. 

This defined look on kinky soft 4b 4c hair that would normally have to be retwisted every night for ‘the look’ was created with Giovanni DWLI – an Ahava Approved and Assured product – mixed with safflower oil, mango butter, rosemary & carrot seed essential oils. 

The rosemary was for mental clarity and concentration while the carrot seed -which is an essential rich is vitamins & great for maturing skin & body – was added to balance out the potency of the rosemary for a delightful scent with the already extract filled leave-in conditioner. 

It’s important to note that this client works in her hair at least every other week co-washing sugar scrubbing with Felicidad Hair Sugar and using the DBHW structured water/hydration water. She massages daily and sprays just right to keep her hair soft and manageable as well as uses Ahava’s recommended products like Camille Rose Hair Butter.

And again, a mouthful – but you get this 😉 

Terrific Tuesday!  

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No matter where you are on the journey of natural we have sonething for you. 

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