Bridgette’s 1st Natural Hair Demo/Talk

As often as we can, we have interns and volunteers participate in and host workshops for natural hair empowerment, education and awareness. Having welcomed, mentored and learned a lot from more than 10 interns and volunteers over the past 9 years I have to say the journey is enhanced by connecting with these young women-  many of whom can look at things now and say “I did that” or “I created that” and even “I wrote that and edited this…”. They have done things like run and edit video (some with my training), translated documents into other languages, helped out with workshops and body product classes, given input on social media platforms and the list goes on.

Clients even appreciate seeing them in and around studio and out and about, give feedback on performance while asking about their well-being. They like receiving updates and followups as well and feel the expansion.

Take a look at one insider video from a demo/talk arranged by  former Team Naturiotic member Bridgette from WPUNJ.

More video in editing phases so subscribe to the blog for the latest updates and read what Bridgette had to say about her experience with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body:

Consider applying to join our team for 3 or 6 months, 1-2 semesters or longer based on the available positions (there is always something we need your help with here!)

201-921-9894 –

Resume written and/or video (get creative– remember I was a communications major- Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass Media….so versatility and candor are a must), 3-5 references (people who really like you and the work you’ve done with and for them) pics of yourself – being naturally you and don’t forget the intro letter – why would you want to work with me and Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body?


unnamed (1)

Melissa, Kalea, Ahava Felicidad, Bridgette, Azuree


Melissa, Kalea, Ahava Felicidad, Lucienne, Azuree

Happy Healthy Hair and Body











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