McKenna’s Natural Hair Journey #347

A new blossoming princess has graced our studio store and experienced the Ahava Felicidad Concept! Every journey is unique and each experience something to write about. This post coming to you only after McKenna had a chance to see The Orb dedicated in her honor.

So, McKenna and Colleen had a great consultation and were pretty happy with the results from their experience at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body.

Here is what mom had to say…

Yesterday I washed McKenna’s hair using As I Am coconut cowash with Dr. Brown’s Healing Water and your coconut lemon cake sugar scrub. I used the Giovanni leave in conditioner and As I Am twist defining cream again with Dr. Brown’s water. I tried my best and did 2 strand flat twists  and also two strand twists. She then had swimming and softball. We used a swim cap and she slept on a stain pillow case with a satin scarf wrap. This morning I did the twist out and look how gorgeous my baby looks!!!!
Thank you,

McKenna came in ready, will and able to participate in her natural hair journey. We talked about how many swim caps and what kind are best to wear for active naturals. We also talked about products and more importantly natural ingredients that should be in them and which chemicals to avoid. I had to go from a few short years of recommending only what’s good to have in your products to also having to add the what’s chemical and potentially, eventually damaging for your scalp, hair and body.

Funniest thing that had me LOL was her description of an experience she had that was not the most conducive for her on the natural journey. It’s not that that part was funny, it was the description of what I soon found out was a room full of dryers and this is another reason I love the kids….

So she is telling me about this dark room with these blue and black orbs that she had to go into – they are all over and some hang from the ceiling. I’m thinking “…does someone have an infrared room for drying hair?…” LOL – came to the realization after a few more sentences that this was a room full of dryers. Well I had never been in a place set up in that way so it took me a little while to get it. At this time our ORB was still in the box waiting to be put together.

We hardly ever use it since we are eco-friendly and the less time under the dryer the better – plus the dry hot heat is not always good for everyone’s hair or necessary when most times you can air dry. Well hydrated DBHW hair-the exception and also depends on the client and the session.

The Orb on Instagram -click here to see it

And so when the dryer was put together it was dedicated and named The Orb in honor of McKenna and her natural hair journey.

Here’s McKenna, after her consult and at home care and styling with mom. (Many AHFB clients travel 45 min to an hour for sessions  -well worth the drive or flight for #yourfavoriteholisticpractitioner) Reserve ahead often, consult, demo, shop and learn. Hair time was a challenge before the #consultwithAhava – now it’s much easier…


We’ll do this again soon because sharing is caring and #hairhealingwithAhava Rocks and Souls, Flow and Grows. We’d love to have YOU join us on this enlightening road of natural living.

Now, whenever a client sits under The Orb or any of The Orbs to come, we will donate $1 to McKenna’s charity of choice. Stay tuned…

Ahava Felicidad The Holistic Hair Healer

Montclair, NJ USA and #beyondregular

201-921-9894 or 973-619-2855

Bloggers and Vloggers wanted to #jointeamnaturiotic and do BIG things, record BIG things, create BIG things and be dynamic


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