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Many clients come to me to consult and want to go natural with product usage. It may be assumed that just because a woman stops chemically straightening or curling her hair that she stops using unnatural products.

This is not so. By virtue of busy lifestyle many naturals don’t read labels much less have the time to research ingredients. I’ve done that work and all I need is a glance to tell you what to clean the bathtub with -and we laugh and we giggle and get to the real good stuff.


This client came to see me having made the decision to only use natural products. We like 95% or more. More than passing the test. Acing the test of what you put on your body.

What do you think she left with?


She left the studio with 3 of 23 products in her little blue tote bag – she was already prepared for what she needed to let go of.
It was nice that she was able to keep three. Two of them were Shea Moisture products so yes- I like this brand overall – very natural. Still be mindful that although I may recommend one, two, three or four of something in a product line does not mean I would recommend everything in the line. Ingredients first, regime, process and so forth after.

I do always recommend co-washing only with my Felicidad Hair Sugar (always guaranteed fresh and natural) and the best water around for hydrating hair and skin -Dr. Brown’s Healing Water.
4-8 oz of your natural conditioner 2-3 heaping tbsp of Coconut Lemon Cake, Bonheur Felicidad, Osaze for Men or Decadence Indulgence served up with 2-8 caps of DBHW in the conditioner.
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