*Candid with Candice* #347

So another Team Naturiotic share before getting to some more client journeys, experiences and stories. We have so much to release to you it’s abundance in motion! Alas, we will show you and give you more.

Candice also known and pictured as C. Borgella is a freelancer and a member of Team Naturiotic. She makes custom wigs in addition to being a full time media planner. She is growing back her edges and nape of neck hair from hair loss as a result of a few “too tight” weaves and some extensions that were heavily weighted. Now she is on the journey with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body having come in not liking her hair so much and with a goal of wearing it out by summer 2016.

We are on the road to get her there, with her help at home -staying the course of getting hydrated #DHBW which she finds pretty easy and massaging as often as possible #felicidadhairsugar and #radiantormushairserum. As you get to know her in our *Candid with Candice* videos she’ll share how things are going on her journey – most times being put on the spot to talk. She’ll laugh a bit then go right along with our brief interview style videos.



Here’s to sharing! Pics and video – Thank you for watching #hairhealingstyling with #yourfavoriteholisticpractitioner #jointeamnaturiotic:

Click here: https://youtu.be/JdV1xRRiXMw

PB&J is an Ahava Felicidad created package bonus launched 2015 for many #hairhealing sessions.

Ahava Felicidad – The Holistic Hair Healer 

Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body

Montclair, NJ USA and #beyondregular

201-921-9894 or 973-619-2855

IG & Twitter – @ahavafelicidad



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