Coconut Lemon Cake The Gel #345

Sharon loves our CLC – Coconut Lemon Cake not only offered as a custom blend signature Felicidad Hair Sugar… 

It’s a gel! 

Definition for kinky curly and some curly curlies- made with all natural ingredients – no petroleum, petrolatum, petro, no mineral oil, no DMDM hydantoin, no artificial colors or flavors, free of sodium hydroxide (the chemical in relaxer that does not belong in your products) 

Just aloe, oils, sugar, essentials, Ormus (from Radiant Ormus Hair Serum) and loads of love and other positive virtues.

All this plus it’s #sweet to touch and smell—– works really really well. 

Try it Buy it on our etsy page

Results are Fantastically Felicidad! 

Visit our signature line blog and buy everything you love in the line today— 


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