The Artistic Lawyer’s Loc Journey #1


This post has been a long time coming! Her journey began with being on the edge –  ready to get rid of those relaxed ends and begin the journey of locs. I was at the mall (somewhere you won’t find me much at all) when this call came through from her referral Yazmeen. Yazmeen already had locs and surprisingly was growing them unbeknownst to others – under a wig!

So our conversation was easy because I knew just what to say – – if you are on the edge- go ahead and jump – I’m on the other side with a hair net. Giggles and all – we started the journey together that day. Loc consults are the best for knowing that you have a clean foundation to start growing and glowing. You should consult with me like The Artistic Lawyer did so you know your options for starting – because there are many for your hair texture, density, length and type. We even go over the future styling options – how many you many have to wears rows and flat twists, braids and 2 strands – symmetry and balance – ease in maintenance for your lifestyle.

Only on my hand can I count the naturals who choose not to loc after getting a full consult-others have been well on their journeys for 1-8 years on a foundation I created, we maintained and often they sustain.

She choose to loc with traditional comb coils on her wavy textured natural hair and worked them, worked them worked them and has a few personal favorite locs.

Now I share her journey…


Love this one because in the bottom row you see it was the first time she was able get cornrows for a vacation where it was best to be tucked all in.collage13months



At this point in the journey the decision was made to maintain this length.

Having recently become a new mother – – -she has her hands full, so stay tuned for more as she has now entered year four… wishing you well.


Happy Healthy Hair and Body




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