Trust 5

Has it really been 14 days? I’m sorry you had to wait this long…

We’ve  been active on IG and The Book- – – a little love is all it took — to get me back on here with a goal of sharing more.

…and yes, I may just know if you ate a cheeseburger – not saying cheeseburgers are good or bad because I’ve had them and you have to get them from places that are high quality on ingredients if you are a meat eater and most importantly stay hydrated on structured water -Dr. Brown’s Structured Water and God Bless You and everything you put in your body.

Gel recommendations in session and through posting-buy ours here: Coconut Lemon Cake The Gel (for the truly kinky curly, curly but not wavy textured and great for smoothing and thickening straight)

Call to reserve your Felicidad Hair Sugar experience 973-619-2855

…and buy it today at Hairlot—formerly known as Min’s Beauty Supply 1889 Springfield Avenue Maplewood NJ USA–after 4 years of requests– yes, 4 years, I decided to do this. Nobody said it would be easy but it will always be worth it and so is your Felicidad Hair Sugar- Super Energy Charged 3 aromatherapeutic sugar scrub blends for scalp and hair 2 blends unscented but spiced to your delight!

See videos here-—some but not all— more coming as we grow and recruit

Online at:

In studio store by prepaid order in sessions, during 4 Hours at #4 Open Studio Store and from your Felicidad Hair Sugar Specialist IV.

On location at events and workshops with #teamnaturiotic…




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