Date Night Hair November 2016 #1

4 styles a month for November and December plus a bonus after Thanksgiving!- – -this is the perfect time to turn things up and not slow things down—the coolest fall season and you don’t need a particular reason to go out and have some fun!

Zipline, movies, salsa and hip hop classes, line dancing and merengue, from the gym to the tennis courts to the golf course, to the museum from the pier, broadway to the runway – – your happy hair will have you glowing and feeling confident everyday.
“Ahava I need date night hair…” this request has led to great first dates, second dates, engagements and marriages. We provide haircare for your lifestyle and special occasions- treatments to grow your hair in the months leading to your big day and styles you can transition from the “I do” to the honeymoon!

What else can you ask for in #hairhealingstyling that transforms your life?… We are just getting started!

Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body

4 Midland Avenue Montclair, NJ USA

Home of Felicidad Hair Sugar

Use any of our hashtags to share our experiences-here are some great ones: #hairhealingstyling #shockinglysweetsunday #ahavafelicidad #andreasnaturalhairjourney #jointeamnaturiotic


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