Date Night Hair #7

And the story goes…. Miss Ellen O.

recently had a Leap of Faith with us and has been continuing to share her confidence and candor with young women across the globe…

Her focus is helping others so when asked to be a date night hair feature it had to be with good reason and of course good intentions of sharing what type of fun she would have on a date and with who…

We asked Miss Ellen O. to share her date night places she loves:

“Any Thai Restaurant

Concerts or Open mic events

Amusement Parks

Nature trails and excursions”

Well you go Miss Ellen O.!!!!

We also asked her which single celebrity she would want to go out on a date with:


Enough said.

Visit Miss Ellen O on her IG and learn more about her foundation Project Raising HOPE and the great work she is doing while growing her natural hair.

Thank you and check back often for more natural features – client exclusives #datenighthair and other Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body themes and series.

Only three #datenighthair posts left for this special — next will be interview hair and hair & body health before #runwayhairhealing 201/921-9894



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4 Midland Avenue Montclair, NJ 07042

Home of Felicidad Hair Sugar

#teamnaturiotic The Official Team of Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body = loyal to the natural hair movement and living a chemical free lifestlye

Visit the Felicidad Signature Line blog here and Follow the Felicidad Hair Sugar Instagram here


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