#GettingPrettywithPeyton #3

Hey there naturals and relaxed naturals!!! 

Felicidad Hair Sugar Specialist Peyton (find her work as load it up!!! By using her hashtags #gettingprettywithPeyton #sittingprettywithPeyton #gettinprettywithPeyton #sittinprettywithPeyton and #settingthepacewithPeyton-the the beginning)…. 

Many of your believe that you can’t get coils with “long” hair – 

We will coil hair that is longer than 3 inches… 

if you are coil’able and want this look to transition into a coil out just let us know when you call in and we’ll cover it in your consult 

It can get many naturals a really nice look without the straws and dryer time.

Here is Peyton with her own hair set in coils and then “Coiled Out”

Call us at 973-619-2855 or 201-921-9894 to get started on your natural hair journey with Team Naturiotic
Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body

4 Midland Avenue  Montclair NJ USA based holistic care and trainings 

Home of Felicidad Hair Sugar 

Easy on-Street and municipal lot parking with meters, parkmobile and day permits


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