Polycystic Ovary Syndrome Revisited 

Why are we revisiting Polycystic Ovary Syndrome?
A few years ago I met several women who disclosed their journey with this “Syndrome” such a strange word to me to describe the dis-ease of too much male hormone active in the body –

Now it’s happening again!

So time to write about it and shine some light on ways to help if you are the – 1 in 10 said to have this.

It’s location is the Sacral Chakra – 2 inches below the navel and 2 inches in – ovaries here…

The ovaries will be enlarged – holding too much fluid = inflammation on the inside which can easily be eased with the use of structured water – which hydrates and detoxes.

Known to reduce cysts and fibroids among other natural remedies -structured water #DBSW would be my first recommendation for this dis-ease in the body along with increasing your orange foods – -citrus of many kinds and squash -nuts transforming your thoughts and actions by accepting new things- change – choosing to have a sense of wellbeing – sense of abundance-

feelings of lack of these things can be emotional blockages that back up fluid in your body in this particular area.

Do things to become more accepting of your feminine self – embrace your moon cycle – take a healing bath often, paint your toes, tell yourself you are abundant – color -draw and paint to express your creativity.

Bringing the body into balance even emotionally may help to balance out the yin and yang –

As PCOS is known to cause infertility and grow facial hair — but that’s not the only dis-ease creating that experience for many women – all can take heed of this advice.

One of my concerns about the treatment for this is the pushing of birth control pills

to add more feminine hormone – like as if that makes the male one go away

to help with the menstrual cycle –

so yes lets trick your body into thinking you are pregnant so you can be fertile and gain more weight that you are told to keep off so your chances of having this for life decrease – did you follow that?

Birth control pills have side effects, in my opinion, ten times worse than the Syndrome itself which can be shifted with hydration and diet changes – says the woman who knows other women who shifted it naturally and have been able to conceive.

Many birth control pills have the chemical sodium hydroxide in them- cause heart and kidney issues and more long term damage than the labels and warnings would ever begin to tell you as you are injected with, absorbing and time releasing foreign substances into your body- many of you have told me – you would rather not – my next challenge is what to tell you do

What does all this have to do with hair?

Clients with Hair come to consults and sessions with health concerns -often shared – so they can get help knowing I’ll have some answer or answers or a referral to someone whose life’s work is helping others to heal themselves-

The Beauty of this is the Beauty of this –

Eat more oranges, tangerines, ruby red grapefruits…

Consult with a Certified Health Counselor…

Accept change and your femininity …

Ask AhavaFelicidad for Bonheur Felicidad -our Happiness Happiness in a Jar our “island breeze blend” and rub it on your sacral chakra daily -full of citrus 🍊 …

An added extra from:https://www.vitalchoice.com/article/how-wild-alaskan-salmon-rocked-my-locks-and-changed-my-life

“Increasing your Omega 3s known to:

  • Lower levels of cortisol, which I call the “bad boyfriend” hormone – also known as the main stress hormone (Noreen, 2010)
  • Raise lean body mass, a key marker of longevity (Noreen, 2010)
  • Link to longer telomeres, the best marker of biological versus chronological aging
  • Reverse Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), the most common endocrine problem facing U.S. women
  • Raise testosterone levels in men (Meldrum, 2011).
  • Lower stress response in men (Delarue, 2003)”

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