AhavaFelicidad Bday Specials Day #14

Sorry for the glitch naturals and relaxed naturals— something went poof! with our scheduled post for Day 14 so here we go…


One of my favorite “sitting down” things to do is watch movies –  I absolutely enjoy the theater experience- much more than at home because at home I’ll want to do other things.

In the actual theater I can only be there and focus on the movie itself- immerse and pay attention.

It’s kind of like when people prefer to go to an exercise class or dance class instead of doing circuits at home. So whenever I can I make sure to go out and have that experience.

My love of movies is great for you too!

Check out this video that tells you what you get for Day 14 on the scene with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body….https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XrAxURb2Zn8

MOVIES –  good for hair and body -cognition and relaxation excitement  and enlightenment…

Day 14 is a FREE movie ticket with your reserved Classic Deep Flow and Glow at regular price*.

Come back soon!


201-921-9894 or 201-921-9894

4 Midland Avenue Montclair, NJ USA Home of Felicidad Hair Sugar


*Offer for new clients and current clients not on the rotation or any packages (so this special can be for a new package or session, CEY or Clients Exclusives can buy now and reserve later to receive the offer— good for



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