AhavaFelicidad Bday Specials Day #17

Day 17!

Getting your scalp so clean!

6 months of Decadence INdulgence at your door

give me more- give me more…
Includes your shipping!

Get Decadence INdulgence 8oz every month  for 6 months


Regular price $240 for 6 months plus shipping.
You SAVE— over $40

Your first batch will arrive on our batch schedule. Saturdays 8:30 for two Thursdays later. Shipping Fridays Monday-Wednesday. No PO Boxes
Call for more info, to add to order or to consult 201-921-9894 or 862-283-3937 for the Studio PURE and The Natural Store 4 Midland Avenue in Montclair, NJ USA

#steadilyexpandingsaturday #ahavafelicidad #felicidadhairsugar #teamnaturiotic


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