AhavaFelicidad Bday Specials Day #26

We are still going strong!

Day 26 1/23/17

FREE Dance Class at Sharron Miller’s School of Performing Arts (SMAPA) in Montclair, NJ USA with your reserved Classic Deep Flow and Glow

plus an 8oz Felicidad Hair Sugar 

One rate for everyone $100 

Click here to buy and call to reserve

Displaying IMG_0559.JPG

Your hair sugar will be ready on our batch schedule. Deadline Saturdays 8:30pm with pickup at Montclair Panera Bread two Thursdays later or add shipping in session for Friday Monday-Wednesday right after your fresh batch is ready.



201-921-9894 or 973-619-2855

Client Exclusives already on the rotation can add this as a session in between or after a package ends and taken advantage of this offer. Expires in 3 weeks on 2/13/17.

Thank you for choosing Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body!

Team Naturiotic

4 Midland Avene Montclair, N USA

Home of Felicida Hair Sugar



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