Resilience in HairHealingStyling

Did you know?

The hummingbird symbolizes the sweetness of life. In other words, the totem of the hummingbirds equates for a sense of lightness within one’s self. Studies show, hummingbirds also symbolize resilience. They adapt to any environment, despite their size.

I found it fitting and symbolic that Delphine’s thank you card to me had this perfectly chosen sticker closure-speaking to me and to she- Finding value in the little things are we should pay more attention to…

Other things I love about this card—the z pattern lines she drew across the front CUTE!!!

…and thank you Delphine! We love you and your hair!


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Owner Founder
Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body

Studio PURE and The Natural Store
4 Midland Avenue
Montclair, NJ USA
Home of Felicidad Hair Sugar



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