Introducing Princess Asha

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In my first experience with co-washing with Felicidad Hair Sugar – Coconut Lemon Cake, I instantly noticed the delicious scent in my hair. Not only did it leave this yummy scent on my hair, it also left it soft and clean but not stripped. My scalp felt refreshed because of the scrub and it felt like when I exfoliate my face which made me feel relaxed.


In my experience with AhavaFelicidad doing my sugar scrub for me, she used the pads of her fingers to not just rub the sugar scrub in, but she could also tell from her fingertips where I wasn’t focusing enough to cleanse my scalp. When she finger detangled my thick mane, I was also amazed how she was able to get every single knot. I was able to run my fingers through my hair.

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Hey naturals!  Princess Asha here from Montclair, NJ I’m a creative soul interning with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body. My major is Art as an undergraduate at William Paterson University in NJ. I am most active with The Black Student Union where we learn about important African and African -American figures who I may have been introduced to before being a part of BSU. We also have important controversial conversations about issues in the black community

As a part of this internship, I’m going to improve my art and design skills-to develop a stronger aesthetic. I’m going to learn new hair tricks and tips about to how to holistically take care of my hair. Already, I have learned different organic ways to take care of myself and to keep my positivity high.

This summer have been more interested in cooking so I’ve been learning more tips and recipes from sources like Youtube and magazines. I love pasta! This internship is also a good opportunity for me because I like to try different hair products as well as do hair. I’ve learned that at times you have to splurge a little if I want better quality materials. I have fun doing hair for my family- my mom and my sister. I’ve always been natural and I mainly do twist outs and wash and go’s (if it’s not too cold). If I don’t feel like doing my hair I put it in mini twists and leave them in for a few weeks making sure to clean my scalp and have learned more about that from working with Ahava.

Call to reserve your consultations, hair parties & classes for adults and teens and workshops supporting natural living 201-921-9894 or 973-619-2855

Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body

4 Midland Avenue Montclair, NJ USA

Ask about us coming to you domestic US and the Caribbean


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