Ahava Approved and Assured℠

Ahava is a distributor of Dr. Brown’s Healing Water, Young Living Essentials, Giovanni, Avalon Natural Organics, Kiss My Face and other natural product lines which are packaged into many services. She is also a Simplers Botanicals Therapist utilizing their essential oils and extracts in her practice and her own product mixes applied in studio through upgraded packages. The companies she chooses and recommends are ones that she trusts and would trust to recommend to you. Recommendations are tiered by quality value and price so there is something naturally accessible for everyone.


Favorite type of Chamomile  –

Simplers Botanicals


Best water ever!

Dr. Brown’s Healing Water

Structurally Enhanced Water

also known as clustered water or tiny molecule water – hydrates at the cellular level to make hair stronger. fill up the void from dehydration in strands and absorb color and products so they work 1,000s of times better. Drink by the capful in spring or distilled water and also spray to your hair’s content – pure form or added to your favorite leave-in spray.

Dr. Brown's Healing Water




Andalou Naturals

they’ve got somethings good here:



Andaloufullvollume-conditioner-rf Andaloufullvollume-spray-rf_1 andaloumoisturerich-conditioner-rf andalousmoothhold-stylingcream-rf_1

Giovanni Leave-In

Not the Only Conditioner in the Box

gio-dwli IMG_0016

Best Pomade-like

Gel-Like Polisher

that I’ve found to date!InnerSenseReflectingPolish

Reactivate with the super hydrating Dr. Brown’s Healing Water and your finger tips. Lasts on average about 5 hrs for hold-must wet to add more – best to just start fresh after 2 updates.

IMG_1598 IMG_1599

Ahava Felicidad Loves SheaMoisture products. Check the blog archives on how to use them in your own hair.

This line Shea Moisture is best used in thick curly smooth hair.


This product is Ahava Approved and Assured for naturals with kinky, kinky curly hair and curly wavy hair that needs moisture and elasticity. You have to read the ingredients which are great! And know that kinky hair is fine. You may not consider your hair to be thin but fine it is. Unlike it’s cousin in the Coconut Hibiscus line it really is a thickening milk that is creamy going in and helps with moisture and softening hair. The Curl Style Milk is best for blowout styling, or elongating already moist hair and great for twist outs. Remember hair performs better with any product when the hair is properly hydrated. Try structured water – internally and topically for that.

Please note that if you have nut allergies, be careful using any products with shea butter as it is a nut butter. Rancid shea butter will not smell sweet and fresh – can degenerate cells and cause breakouts so try it out on a small area first to see.


This Ahava Approved and Assured product is easy on the scalp and great for those with straight, silky or straight kinky textured hair, wavies, kinky curlies with a blowout and or blowout and ceramic press. Use with essential oils like lavender, bergamot, rosemary, ylang ylang or lime. Custom recommendations and guidance on what’s best for you can be provided in your personal consult 973-619-2855 Order in studio at reserved sessions $15, add on essentials of Simplers and Young Living. This brush is not meant to take the place of your God given tools – your finger tips. With love Ahava

More products to post-

for the most comprehensive consult – Call to schedule your reserved session 973-619-2855 and get the right products and regime for you.


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