Budding Princesses of the Natural Hair Kingdom

Prayerful Pincurls

Poised with Felicidad Blowout and Ceramic Press

Check out this budding princess on Hairscapades!

She’s a mini-hairscapader: http://hairscapades.com/2012/03/29/mini-hairscapader-kayla-imanis-hairstory/

"Princess Kayla-Iman"

"Flowering Princess Kayla-Iman"Budding Princess Kayla has received a three strand twist out. Her hair was washed with Giovanni Deep Moisture Shampoo (she needed the cleanse) and conditioned with Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat Conditioner (a favorite of mine for healing and preventing scalp issues) She then sat just under an hour and a half for one inch box standard 3 strand twists with the Curls Curly Q Milkshake. The twists were left in for a few days, refreshed with the milkshake and a little water and then twisted out for definition and a cool new update to her style. If you look closely at the photo to the left you can see more of a corkscrew pattern, different from the wavy curl of a 2 strand twist. The defined curly pattern is different from that of her own natural curl and allows for her to freely move and lift her own hair into ponytails, updos and other fun styles that she loves. The strands together pretty much feel individual extensions except its her natural hair. I find that these last longer than the two strands and just require a little more patience untwisting fully and condition washing to come clean and start again. It helps on maintenance and makes it easier for this 9 year old to style her own hair without much assistance at all – creating an empowered hair visionary who can feel confident about her own ability to manage that and more in her life.

Budding Princess Kendall received 2 strand twists on her curly 3b, 3c hair. We detangled with water & a custom Felicidad mix before I lined her scalp lightly with a mix of Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Rose Liquid Soap and Nature’s Gate Pomegranate conditioner. The same mix was used to saturate the hair before the wash began. With ease and a make believe first class trip to Puerto Rico, we cleansed & conditioned for up to 15 minutes. During our wash Kendall bought a store, sold a store, jumped on chocolate beds in her five star hotel room where every room has an ice cream bar and was carried to all of her destinations by a waiter….and more.

Before Twists

At this point we are back in the healing chair which transforms into whatever my blossoming princesses decide the chair is at that moment. While looking through a book that I requested through the library entitled “Kinki Creations: A Parent’s Guide to Natural Black Hair Care for Kids” by a fellow Temple Alumnae Jena Renee Williams- Kendall discovered cornrows and looked very closely. She wanted to know how they were created and her innocent comment about how they look like they hurt prompted me to show her so she could feel for herself.

Exploring the cornrow for the first time

I had the pleasure of being read to during the hair healing session as well. Moostache by Margie Palatini is a definite read for children of all ages. She read it to herself first and then aloud to me because her laughter the first time around made me want to enjoy in the fun too.

So here we are in the final stretch. All blossoming princesses know this term very well. To get through the last 10 or so twists and climb the mountaintop to completion, we count, we sing and we may sometimes begin again with the alphabet game.

75% complete

Happy, confident, thriving and ready to show the world. BTW the way our magic happy word today was actually a chosen phrase from the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series & movie…”zooweemama”. This was Kendall’s happy phrase to let me know whenever a tangle or section felt the least bit uncomfortable, so I could adjust my movements as needed. Blessings – Ahava

Right side with trim of less than an inch




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