Can you two strand twist or cornrow?

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to come in and share our space to cowash only Felicidad Hair Sugar paper towel dry and Style your family or friend… bring your own natural conditioner

Our concepts never end and we have more to offer you.
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Princess Miranda – Team Naturiotic ~ Temple University Rep

for Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body Marketing Lead

Classic Conrows #327

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Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body
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Andrea’s Natural Hair Journey 471-473



Growing hair, nape of the neck to the edges – already grown out color – Subscribe to follow Andrea’s journey of hair healing and styling with natural growth hair- rows and twists

Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body

Montclair, NJ USA

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“Happy Healthy Hair and Body”

Kishanda’s Natural Hair Journey #3


Some naturals who consult with us have plenty of hair and just need help with moisture and styling. Three strands got Kishanda this look when she was ready to twist out. She knows what to do and works with her hair and scalp in between sessions, uses Felicidad Hair Sugar, DBHW and other natural products recommended by Ahava.

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August’s Natural Journey 2

Hair healing sessions are what you need them to be 

August needed his to be peaceful & easy


There were some laugh and a few small ‘ow wees’ bc those curls were immersed in conversations…

We cut at least 3 inches in a special session just for him & all was well in the Universe of Hair.

Simplers Botanicals Moroccan Blue Chamomile organic essential oil used in session in the spray bottle for calming and grounding for everyone.

Sweetness brought in to top off the ending by Camille Rose Naturals Almond Jai Butter – a new Ahava Approved and Assured product -hair helper -Team Naturiotic member Curly Empress picked this one – I approve & assure!

Consults are the first step in joining us at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body for #naturalswhowantmore 

We start your natural kids at age 8 in the hair healing chair and offer you classes & workshops by request to meet your care & styling needs until then. 

It’s the most comprehensive hair care & styling experience in the universe! 

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Do you blow out hair?

I love this question because it’s all about how your hair is when you come in for a consult. Many of you are contacting us for options in wearing your hair in its most natural state with a goal of having softer more manageable hair, no more breakage, and thickening the entirely too thin areas that worry you. 

So – yes – your hair will be assessed and there is a great likelihood you wil need several deep treatments – Classic Deep – to strengthen your strands to withstand a blowout. 

Now keep in mind – the blowout is one step and ceramic pressing is another- this in an additional step in furthering the straightening process which for some can be damaging over time.  Everyone’s hair is different so in a consult we cover your options and talk about bounce back. 

This was an easy light blowout and twist which will give this client a totally different look than if she had her wet & moist classic 2 strand individuals. 

High density- high porosity- kinky curly hair – beautiful! 

Just a peek — so check back for more on her journey —  


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Special at the studio $95 and up for styling reserved hair healing sessions with Curly Empress of Team Naturiotic and me! Call to reserve in advance for July August September and beyond.