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At Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body we believe in fresh batching so you get the full experience and full use of our products. 
Coconut Lemon Cake – you asked for it and we answered…wish you could smell it through the screen? Us too! 

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Felicidad Hair Sugar Specialists-In the Know

If you are a Felicidad Hair Sugar Specialist – you are ‘in the know’- what do ya know?

You know about the benefits of exfoliation of the scalp and why this is the best concept in the hair universe (#hairuniverse) for best results with a clean moisturized canvas that is ready to receive your styling products so they work better without over use and make your technique styling easier – more crisp.

Whenever we can we will introduce you to trained and certified specialists so you now who the best and brightest are on this natural journey. You have a guarantee that your Felicidad Hair Sugar Specialist knows why and how our concept works for you and your family. They have knowledge of the benefits of the essential and carrier oils used in the blends and can properly massage to give you the Felicidad Hair Sugar experience you just cannot live without.

The following specialists joined the journey during the fall of 2015 in West Orange, NJ USA as team members with 8 to 8 Barbershop and Men’s Grooming business. We had a great time. 
The first two are currently owner and barber located at the men’s grooming 8 to 8 Barbershop in West Orange NJ


If you are in the area and want to experience what 8 to 8 has to offer you’ve got to ask for Felicidad Hair Sugar upgrade or add-on – – –  The Original Coconut Lemon Cake “..smells so good you wish you could eat it…” and Osaze “for Men and the Women who love them”.

Some more of your Felicidad Hair Sugar Specialists… 


Felicidad Hair Sugar Specialist Intro -Aquapay! 

Oh happy day! And we introduce you to Aquapay… 

New Felicidad Hair Sugar Specialist II based in The Bronx NY 

Watch this! ​​

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Views on Felicidad Hair Sugar #1

The HairView:

“While applying and using Ahava’s ‘Felicidad Hair Sugar Coconut Lemon Cake’ I immediately noticed the slick, smooth, and healthy spring back to life feeling of my hair. I’m able to use the hair sugar as a co-wash and no conditioner … After rinsing …my hair, it was very manageable and full of beautiful healthy curls. The love Ahava puts into the Felicidad Hair Sugar restores my hair to the rich thickness it should be. I love the rich quality of life the Felicidad Hair Sugar brings back to my hair. Thanks Ahava for making a product that actually makes a difference.” From K. Rodgers