Recommended Structured Water

What!? Did you say get hydrated?

YES!!! Get hydrated-get your hair and body fluid and flowing into better health.

Dr. Brown's Healing Water

People come to Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body with a wealth of needs for their natural hair and scalp care. From dry curls to thinning, to breakage, to dryness and alopecia. We do everything for natural hair. We at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body are a wealth of knowledge, skills and abilities. No chemical processing. As a holistic practitioner, it is AhavaFelicidad’s responsibility to provide clients and customers with access to and the most current information about natural products to assist them on their journey to better hair, scalp and body. Team members- Team Naturiotic – are also trained in natural holistic health and wellness.

One of the ways we help individuals and families is through recommending and Dr. Brown’s Structured Water. My family and I also use this hydrating water and have been getting TERRIFIC results since 2010.

Check out this article about Dr. Brown’s Structured Water and what it can do for your hair. Clients and customers are also getting great results from adding it to their distilled, purified or spring water. By no means do we ever recommend that you drink tap water. Read the water report for your region or community for results usually reported/recorded within 2 years.

See one of my many hair happy client results:

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Click here: Dr. Brown’s Structured Water for Your Hair

Order here: Dr. Brown’s Healing Water on Facebook

or order here: Dr. Brown’s Structured Water 

Meet AhavaFelicidad and Team Naturiotic in person:

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Love your Hair!

View Testimonies:

View and listen to some of our experiences with Dr. Brown’s Structured Water:


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