Is it Really TOXIC?…you decide

If you’re here, you really care about what goes in and on your body. Why else would you visit a holistic practitioner? Maybe you just want to see what I have to say or you’re on the fence about some products that may be causing you illness. When there are so many hair (and body) products out there without the chemicals, why choose anything else?

Price? Well, I’d rather balance it out now and get some good natural stuff- that really all doesn’t have to break your bank – then to have the costs of doctors visits, hospital stays and some very unnecessary surgeries. This is not about a quick fix. This is about lifestyle. YOU CHOOSE.

Why is this in your hair product?

Sodium Hydroxide to find this ingredient in your shampoo (which if you are a  natural you don’t need anyway) or conditioner or even two in one (why even bother?) is ludacris. Same ingredient that ate away at that can in the Good Hair documentary by Chris Rock. Same ingredient that is the main straightening agent in chemical relaxer. Same ingredient can and will eat away at the bone of your skull (watch the video on that one) Same ingredient that is linked to fibroids, cysts and other illnesses that attack the body at the cellular level. I suggest you read your labels – all the time. Do that because there are many mainstream companies that get their base blend from a chemical mixing plant and add a little bit of this and little bit of that – to sell you their unnatural product like .00001% of something is going to give some significant result. They dress it up in a pretty bottle and say here – I know you’re not going to read this – and our commercial is so enticing and you have to have it.

Now, remember or know for the first time- I have a degree in Broadcasting Telecommunications and Mass Media as well as what I do and know and certifications in holistic natural haircare & styling – I know all about product placement, marketing, labeling, color coding – the whole nine yards- I still read labels and still go as natural as humanly possible by choosing quality that I know. Try it- you might like it 😉

Cyclopentasiloxane (cyclomethicone) is a silicon-based cyclic compound; may be associated with environmental toxicity.  If you want to go with ‘cones, be aware. They put an unnatural coating on the hair that repels. It’s almost like putting a rubber coating on top of your hair strands. This is why it “defrizzes” so well. If you are going to use the ‘cones be sure to clarify with a natural cleanser or even black soap to balance things out. There are more options out there that are cone free. Look out for the Ahava Approved and Assured℠ list of great natural products to try.

Behentrimonium is a quaternary ammonium salt. Salt is not for the hair. It can be corrosive. Everyone’s response is different and some who are okay at first, will see what happens over time. Conditioning should never include the purifying effects of salt. And then you’ve got the word ammonium. You read up on that. Do it now and not when the doctor or physician’s assistant says some words you just don’t get and you start doing your research. Do a little now and save a lot more later.

DMDM hydantoin is an antimicrobial formaldehyde releaser preservative. People exposed to such formaldehyde-releasing ingredients may develop a formaldehyde allergy or an allergy to the ingredient…this is my all time favorite culprit. READ YOUR LABELS. This one causes skin irritation, bumps, itching, flaking and many other negatives that you would want to avoid for your scalp and hair. You may want to know how companies get away with adding this your products. Well, for starters, most people don’t read the label. It is what it is and if it is you, don’t be hard on yourself -now you know and now you can change it. I didn’t always read labels. I’ll admit I started younger than most but I had to so now it’s your turn. This ingredient is found in several hair pomades that are in regular beauty supply stores and retail shops. Just because the label says natural does not mean it is. Sometimes that is just the name of the product – not the quality or ingredients thereof. Know the difference.

Check it out and check back as much as you need to. Do your own checks. Here is a great reference:

Consulting with me is the best thing you can do for yourself, your scalp hair and body. I’ve got the knowledge, the intuition, the passion and the wherewithal to guide you to what’s best, plus I can style you beautiful. SWEET!

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