Andrea’s Natural Hair Journey #306




Andrea’s Natural Hair Journey

Andrea’s hair journey at Studio Pure has flourished beautifully in the care of Ahava Felicidad and Team Naturiotic. Ahava has reduced hair loss and increased hair growth for Andrea. If you call today, you can start your hair journey with Ahava  Felicidad and Team Naturiotic today!!
Call 201-921-9894  or 862-283-3937 to see how you can start your hair journey today!!
Princess Miranda-Team Naturiotic
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Resilience in HairHealingStyling

Did you know?

The hummingbird symbolizes the sweetness of life. In other words, the totem of the hummingbirds equates for a sense of lightness within one’s self. Studies show, hummingbirds also symbolize resilience. They adapt to any environment, despite their size.

I found it fitting and symbolic that Delphine’s thank you card to me had this perfectly chosen sticker closure-speaking to me and to she- Finding value in the little things are we should pay more attention to…

Other things I love about this card—the z pattern lines she drew across the front CUTE!!!

…and thank you Delphine! We love you and your hair!


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