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From time to time you will see Ahava share a shake….well really a smoothie…

This signature smoothie will help you run smoothly…

Three spring water ice cubes

1 cup/8oz Your choice of milk beverage – raw, almond, coconut, goat 

3 caps of Dr. Brown’s Structured Water -tiny molecule water for hydration at the cellular level 

Tbsp of frozen dandelion (yes you can freeze the dandelion root or make a tea blend and freeze those cubes but the raw version frozen is powerful) 

1 tsp vanilla extract (Ahava used Organic Madagascar) 

1 frozen banana (Cut in 3 before freezing) 

1 room temperature banana 

1 tbsp or less Organic Maca Powder (great price at Trader Joe’s) 

1/4 Envy apple skin on 

Blend 3-5 minutes and enjoy in 2 8 ounce servings 

Soul-ly Handmade Fest October 21 2017 11am-6pm

AhavaFelicidad will be here…

Will you…
Reserve at 201-921-9894 for hair sessions, consults, Felicidad Hair Sugar Experince demos that include an 8oz Coconut Lemon Cake or Decadence INdulgence.

We are based in Montclair NJ and also travel for workshops, trainings, certifications and seminars. 
We are always open to alliances and Felicidad Hair Sugar Specialists to join our journey of natural hair awakening and chemical free living. We are eco-friendly, sustainable and often fair trade using a range of natural and natural and organic products to best help our client base. 

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