Introducing Princess Asha

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In my first experience with co-washing with Felicidad Hair Sugar – Coconut Lemon Cake, I instantly noticed the delicious scent in my hair. Not only did it leave this yummy scent on my hair, it also left it soft and clean but not stripped. My scalp felt refreshed because of the scrub and it felt like when I exfoliate my face which made me feel relaxed.


In my experience with AhavaFelicidad doing my sugar scrub for me, she used the pads of her fingers to not just rub the sugar scrub in, but she could also tell from her fingertips where I wasn’t focusing enough to cleanse my scalp. When she finger detangled my thick mane, I was also amazed how she was able to get every single knot. I was able to run my fingers through my hair.

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Hey naturals!  Princess Asha here from Montclair, NJ I’m a creative soul interning with Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body. My major is Art as an undergraduate at William Paterson University in NJ. I am most active with The Black Student Union where we learn about important African and African -American figures who I may have been introduced to before being a part of BSU. We also have important controversial conversations about issues in the black community

As a part of this internship, I’m going to improve my art and design skills-to develop a stronger aesthetic. I’m going to learn new hair tricks and tips about to how to holistically take care of my hair. Already, I have learned different organic ways to take care of myself and to keep my positivity high.

This summer have been more interested in cooking so I’ve been learning more tips and recipes from sources like Youtube and magazines. I love pasta! This internship is also a good opportunity for me because I like to try different hair products as well as do hair. I’ve learned that at times you have to splurge a little if I want better quality materials. I have fun doing hair for my family- my mom and my sister. I’ve always been natural and I mainly do twist outs and wash and go’s (if it’s not too cold). If I don’t feel like doing my hair I put it in mini twists and leave them in for a few weeks making sure to clean my scalp and have learned more about that from working with Ahava.

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The Black Soap Cleanse

Ahava here! Cleansing the hair and scalp is paramount for removing buildup. This black soap cleanse is especially for those who have used product (even natural products) back to back or for several days and need to clarify while moisturizing.

Even some natural products can buildup in the hair by virtue of the viscosity (thickness) and quality, like the difference between almond oil on hair and olive oil. One coats, the other absorbs and can also defrizz for a short time period.

An example of buildup would be using a styling cream that requires your hair to be wet when it is applied or worked through and you use it every other day for a week. By the time you’ve added it for the third time, it needs to be cleansed and you should start over with a fresh canvas (clean hair). Examples of good natural products that may buildup in kinky or kinky curly hair over one week are Jane Carter’s Curl Defining Cream, Andalou Styling Cream and Shea Moisture’s Curl and Style Milk. All products I LOVE! Using this method of cleansing after a week of use will also help you to balance out the amount of product you use so those on a budget – SMILE! They can all be used for styling – consult with me on use since right now we’re talking about kinky and kinky curly hair specifically- but should be completely co-washed or black soap cleansed out to start with a new style after a week of use.

Remember there are particles in the environment that lay in hair and into the scalp that you cannot readily see. Things like dust particles, pollen, smoke residue and paint debris all can get into hair and then the product grabs on to them.

You can order Handcrafted Black Soap in client sessions, during open ordering at the Dr. Brown’s Healing Water meetup and soon on my online public webstore. Ask about Felicidad Hair Sugar – Coconut Lemon Cake, Bonheur Felicidad, Osaze and Decadence Indulgence which are batched fresh weekly in my hometown Montclair, NJ.

Blessings Light and Love
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It’s Musical Mommy Monday and we’re here with another video to show you some of the #wonderful things happening at Ahava Felicidad Hair and Body in Upper Montclair, NJ USA and beyond #localandglobal This video will have edit bubbles later for tips and guidance and where to find still photos of more hair journeys of our natural clientele and affiliates.

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Interested in joining the team? Recruiting for skilled extension specialists (Brazilian Knotting, Microlinking, Creation of Custom I-tips -training and certificates available for the right person). Also training Felicidad Hair Sugar Specialists for selling, educating and empowering naturals on the use of our scalp exfoliating blends. Interested in Dr. Brown’s Healing Water too?! You can become a Water Bearer on our team – Team Naturiotic or direct connect with Dr. Brown’s Healing Water to be distributor – independent, salon, boutiques and holistic practitioners welcome to inquire.

Ahava Felicidad – First Commercial on Dr. Brown’s Healing Water

“So if you ask me what my favorite drink is for hydrating my body I will tell you hands down Dr. Brown’s Healing Water. I’ve tried so many hydrating drinks on my life’s journey and I know what works. Whenever a new electrolyte water came out I tried it. Electrolyte waters just tap or shock a cell to give short term results. As a former athlete, I know the benefits of hydration in the body and what is feels like to lack in performance due to dehydration. I have played softball, tennis, volleyball and trained in martial arts – HapKido as well as do Tai Chai techniques, bike ride, ice skate and rollerblade for fun. I live my life, guide my family and run my business with a mindset of long term and expansion. Dr. Brown’s Healing Water, also known as structurally enhanced or clustered water is the best hydrating body healing around. But hey, don’t just take my word for it. Try it yourself for 3 months or longer and then call, blog email me to share your results.”
Ahava Felicidad – The Holistic Hair Healer #gethydrated

Steadily Expanding Saturday 1

Try a great lifestyle hair healing session. Check out this style which is great for women on go – working, working out and attending an informal event or two — all in a matter of 2-3 weeks.

This style can be maintained by sleeping on silk or satin, wearing a shower cap – free of terry cloth or other oil absorbing fabric, light mist spray of spring water with Dr. Brown’s Healing Water or even Heritage Rosewater and Glycerin Spray. I usually only recommended glycerin sprays during the spring summer and beginning of the fall seasons as glycerin can make hair crunchy when it’s too cold. Gotta love a natural sugar substitute!

Blessings Light and Love